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All classes are available in person.  Check the class calendar for day and times.  We are still requiring a reservation to attend per our COVID-19 Policy.  Please reserve* your spot on your MindBody app or call us.

*If you have reserved a place in class, but then see you are unable to attend; kindly cancel your reservation so someone on the waitlist can take your place. Thank you.


The UPTOWN ATHLETIC CLUB campus has three areas for fitness and fun.
Our strength and cardio equipment, bathrooms, 
showers and lockers.
Our free weight room and
our racquetball court.  

Holding Space Yoga and Boot Camp Classes:
UPTOWN Sports & Conditioning Studio, UAC Boot Camp and Holding
Space Yoga
 is located in our Studio Building.

All classes are taught by certified instructors. Classes are available to members at no *extra charge, *excluding the Boot Camp Classes.  UpTown Athletic Club is committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals - and whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran in the fitness world, we can help you get there.  UpTown Athletic Club features strength and cardio equipment, and an assortment of classes.  There's no reason to delay - contact us today to arrange your free visit - and learn more about this no-pressure, results-driven atmosphere.  

We look forward to assisting you!


Meet our front desk team


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Our staff is friendly and willing to help in any area of our facility that you need guidance and instructions.  Whether it be instructions and direction on the equipment or in one of our many classes we offer daily.   We are ready and willing to help you. 

Group Fitness Instructors

Cordelle White | Vicki Starr | 
Natalie Horton  | Jenni Rom | Sydney McWhirter


Up Next... Meet our 

Instructors and Personal Training

Certified Instructors 

UpTown Athletic Club Madison has 6 certified instructors, 4certified personal trainers, 6 certified group instructors, and 6 Yoga Instructors who lead innovative current fitness classes here at UpTown Athletic Club.  

We pride ourselves in offering the latest and greatest fitness session around in keeping with new discoveries, tried-and-true techniques that have proven results in the fitness industry to work in getting individuals and groups of people alike to their fitness goals.


Interested in Yoga?
UpTown Athletic Club Madison also offers Yoga Classes with Certified Yoga Instructors in our Holding Space located inside our Studio Building on the UpTown Athletic Club Madison Campus. 

Whether you're new to yoga, or a novice, Holding Space Yoga Studio offers yoga classes for all levels. 

We offer special pricing that includes both Yoga and your UpTown Gym Membership. 


Interested in
UAC Boot Camp?

(Get  UAC Boot Camp fit, click the button below to learn more about  UAC Boot Camp). 

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Fitness NOW!

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Personal Training 
Taking fitness to another level.

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Meet your Personal Trainers: Cordelle W. , Jennifer E. ,Jenni R. and Beverly Morris 

Cordelle White

Meet Personal Trainer  and Nutrition Specialist, Cordelle White 

Cordelle played semi-pro football, and has competed in super natural bodybuilding. He loves to go to church spending time with Jesus. Cordelle is passionate about helping people meet their goals no matter their age or goals!  Come see Cordelle he has numerous experiences as
an athlete and trainer and he can help you meet your fitness goals. 

Qualifications and Skills

  • Certified Fitness and Personal Trainer, International Sport Sciences Association.

  • Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, International Sport Sciences Association. 

Cordelle specializes in designing: workout programs, nutrition programs, weight loss/fat burning programs.  Also he can help in areas of weight loss/fat burning, lean muscle building, strength builing and or strength conditioning as well as, general health or fitness for specific sports training.  Cordelle will also instruct in our UAC BOOT CAMP 

Jennifer Evey

Jennifer has obtained one of the top nationally recognized personal trainer certifications, that has allowed her to specialize in weight loss, muscle growth, and corrective exercise. Jennifer has had experience working with all ages and will always continue to support you throughout your fitness journey!


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • First Aid/CPR Certified

Call or email us Today
to get matched with one of our nationally accredited
certified personal trainers who are specialized
for your individual fitness goals.


What Can UpTown's Personal Trainers Do For You?

  • Program workouts based on you and your goals

  • Work with you to achieve your health and fitness goals

  • Teach you how to properly exercise and use equipment

  • Provide you with "homework" workouts to do on your own

  • Motivate and support you through your health and fitness journey

Wake up and Workout!

Yes!  Lots of people find early morning is when they have the most time and energy to workout. Plus, a few known facts are for instance - increased productivity, less scheduling conflicts, a better nights' sleep, increased metabolism, just to name a few.  We get it! 

We open our doors at 5am and lock up at 8pm every Monday - Thursday.
Friday 5am-4pm, 
(Please check our Facebook Page for updates and changes).  
Saturdays: 8am - 12pm.  
On Sundays available access if you are a *Key Card Member.
Key Card Members can access the MAIN GYM building 24/7.


 UAC is located right in the heart of downtown Madison Georgia. 
Our location is easy and convenient.

Click here to see all of our class calendar, we start early and end late to fit your schedule.


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205 South Burnett Street
 Madison, GEORGIA 30650

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 We are here at Uptown Athletic Club to help you achieve your fitness  goals.  Stop by and talk to us today and let us help you be on your way to better health.

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