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Let's Work Together

YOUR SAFTEY IS OUR TOP PRIORITY. We will do what is needed to protect our members by continually, CLEANING, DISINFECTING and SANTIZING. As we move forward in resuming all classes, we have a few rules. We believe that maintaining SOCIAL DISTANCING MEASURES will help in the fight against COVID-19. PLEASE HELP US MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING while you are at UPTOWN ATHLETIC CLUB AND HOLDING SPACE YOGA STUDIO.


Please wash your hands and use the provided hand sanitizer when entering and leaving the gym.

If you do not feel well, have a cough, or are running a fever please STAY HOME!


Please wipe any equipment you have touched with the sanitizer we have provided located in the spray bottles near the equipment or use the provided sanitizer wipes located in the dispenser on the wall.


Please bring your own mats, sweat towel and/or a shower towel, as we are not able to provide any of these items at this time.

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