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Conner perry

Conner holds a BS in Health and Physical Education and a Minor in Nutritional Sciences from Valdosta State University, as well as a MS in Kinesiology from UGA. He holds a CPT and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through NSCA certifications. His approach to fitness emphasizes a developmentally-appropriate exercise selection so that specific individual fitness goals are reached while avoiding injury.

Conner’s training philosophy emphasizes building healthy habits that promote lifelong fitness through teaching to the three learning domains; psychomotor (physical), cognitive (mental), and affective (social).


His interest in fitness began from playing a variety of youth sports with his siblings and friends while growing up. Before graduating from MCHS in 2011, he was a lineman for the football team in the fall, and was #1 doubles or singles for the tennis team in the spring.

Weighing over 250 pounds with no real interest in playing college football as a lineman, he did not have a need for the additional bodyweight that accumulated from a poor diet. Within 1.5 years he lost 75 pounds from mindful eating and staying active, however lost too much muscle along with the fat. This was a major driving factor in the desire to learn more about nutrition and its responses on the body when combined with resistance training. He now enjoys teaching and sharing what he has learned to help others take control of their body and mind.


Conner returned to Madison in the spring of 2018 after finishing his master’s degree at the University of Georgia. He is currently the Head Trainer and Assistant-Manager at Uptown Athletic Club. Conner was the driving force in starting the UAC Boot Camp Program and teaches the majority of the Boot Camp classes. In his free time, Conner enjoys spending time with his dog (Max), playing recreational sports with friends, and spending time with his parents and siblings.